COVID-19 Vaccinations

Vaccines Available for Grocers in All California Counties

As of March 1, the Association has confirmed all essential grocery workers are now eligible for vaccination.

Because some counties had been prioritizing essential workers in ways that diverged from the State’s own outline, there will likely be a delay as county health officials update their vaccine distribution plans.

For a deep dive into California’s vaccine effort, a Food Stakeholder Briefing can be downloaded below.

How to Get Your Vaccine

There are myriad options for obtaining a vaccine for yourself or your employees. Since the current vaccine allotment falls short of those eligible to receive it, we recommend you take a proactive posture towards obtaining the vaccine. For example, grocers should sign up on the “My Turn” website and also contact local health officials where they operate.

The best place to start is with your county public health officials. CGA has assembled a list of all 61 local health offices with contact information that you can access here.


When you or your teams are able to schedule a vaccine appointment, you’ll need a method for verifying your status as an essential worker. For this purpose, the Association developed a verification template letter.

Please ensure your logo is on the top of the letter to ensure they are able to be verified. This will need to be accompanied by a government issued ID (ID, driver’s license, passport, etc.) and ideally an employee badge for back up IF your company uses them.

Additional Tools

Due to the vaccine’s novelty, you may find some employees have concerns or are hesitant to receive a vaccine. The following tools can help you in your communications with team members.


Contact Kelly Ash, CGA VP, Government Relations.