Cart + Coupon Services

Shopping Cart Services, Coupon Redemption and Logistics Support

Through a partnership with CGA, Retail Marketing Services (RMS) offers shopping cart retrieval, shopping cart maintenance and coupon redemption services to the Association’s members.

Core offerings

Shopping Cart Retrieval

CarTrac is the industry leader in shopping cart retrieval, helping RMS customers reduce loss expenses and retrieval aggravation.

Cart Maintenance

CartFix helps customers reduce cart replacement and overall maintenance costs. This service will lower the costs of new cart acquisition and extend the life of carts.

Coupon Redemption

CRC allows for retailers to avoid costly chargebacks and denials from manufacturers. Enjoy personalized service and training for employees to help reduce counterfeit coupon losses.

Learn more about how RMS can help you lower cart costs, reduce loss and avoid costly coupon chargebacks.