Government Relations

Our Approach

As the world’s fifth-largest economy and the nation’s most populous state, the California market and its political landscape shape how the world eats.

To keep the flow of goods moving unencumbered from the farm to the table, CGA builds relationships that extend from the State Capitol to city halls, counties and regulatory agencies. Our goal is to sustain a policy environment that benefits both grocers and consumers.

State Advocacy

With a full-time legislature, each legislative session yields thousands of potential new laws. CGA sorts through the mass of bills, focusing on issues related to employment, food safety and production, just to name a few. Learn more about our state advocacy efforts and the policy issues we are currently tracking.

Local Advocacy

The scale of California’s municipal network is staggering. Depending on the region and local political scene, a county may be the dominant political force and/or a city. CGA tracks more than 500 city council and county board agendas monthly for issues impacting the state’s grocery community. Learn more about our work to shape local by reviewing our weekly report of new policy issues or searching our new Local Ordinance Database.

Regulatory Advocacy

There are more than 200 regulatory agencies in California, governing everything from alcoholic beverage licensing to packaging restrictions. CGA represents the interests of the food retail industry, in addition to the concerns of our customers before state regulatory agencies and departments. Find guidance on things like Prop 65 and read what issues are top-of-mind for regulators.


GROPAC is a nonpartisan political action committee (PAC) that works to support the interests of California’s grocery industry. The PAC identifies and contributes to candidates running for local or statewide offices. Get involved.

Policy Briefs

Interested in a specific issue? Search CGA’s policy briefs section to learn more about the organization’s policy positions or to improve your understanding of a particular issue.