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    CGA Mid-Year Report

    It’s been a busy six-months for CGA.

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    Record Number of Scholarships Awarded

    376 deserving students to receive CGAEF college scholarships.

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    Your Association. Your Voice.

    CGA actively promotes and protects the legislative and regulatory interests of the retail food industry.

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California Grocer is the award-winning bi-monthly publication of the California Grocers Association. CGA members rely on California Grocer to stay informed on the latest legislative changes, market trends and new innovations in the food industry.

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the enemy of good

by Ron Fong, CGA President/CEO

There is a phrase often bandied about in the realm of politics, attributed to different writers and thinkers over the years: Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. More…

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CGA actively promotes and protects the legislative and regulatory interests of the retail food industry throughout California.

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Grocery Compliance Toolkit

Doing business in California is growing more difficult each year. Thousands of state and local agencies and departments regulate all aspects of our business – from our parking lots to our store shelves, to our stock rooms, to our warehouses, to our…

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Profile – Draeger’s Market

If you’re looking for the definition of survivor, check the dictionary and you just might see a picture of Draeger’s Market, the San Mateo-based retailer that has come to epitomize the evolution of the Northern California retail experience. However,…

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