The California State Legislature Returns

This week the state legislature returned to Sacramento for the second half of itsr two-year session. This means CGA will again enter in the daily grind of influencing policy and legislation on behalf of the industry. The second year of a session is always a little more interesting — and complicated — and 2020 will likely not disappoint.

As legislators reconvene, they will be dealing with leftover legislation introduced last year. They also have an opportunity to introduce new legislation. Topping the issues list are disaster resiliency and power shut-offs, addressing housing challenges, and a possible second look at independent contractor regulations. For the grocery industry, addressing CRV recycling issues and pushing for a statewide packaging-solution will top the list.

The upcoming election is also sure to be a major influence on the second half of this legislative session. California’s primary election is earlier than usual, and the November General Election means elected officials will filter many (read all) of their decisions through the polling perspective. Some years, pending elections result in a cautious, muted approach to governing while others stir up bold, progressive action.

Whatever the political course or policy issue thrown at grocers this year, it is up to us to decide our fate. We look forward to representing the industry forcefully and diligently, but we can’t do it alone. Your knowledge, counsel, and participation is needed to steer a clear route through the dangers. Please consider joining the CGA Government Relations Committee to stay informed and weigh-in to benefit your company and the industry. Contact CGA’s Government Relations Department to join in or learn more.