Survey Highlights Satisfaction of CA Beer Drinkers

California beer consumers report high satisfaction with their beer choices and access in the marketplace, according to a new survey from MFour on behalf of the California Beer and Beverage Distributors (CBBD).

“California’s beer distributors are delivering choice and access for California’s beer drinkers,” said California Beer and Beverage Distributors President and CEO Victoria Horton.

“Consumers are benefitting from competition and wide selection, whether they love local craft brews or legacy brands. Beer distributors understand California’s fast-paced marketplace and evolving beer trends that California consumers want in their local beer aisle.”

For craft beer consumers, 78% expressed satisfaction with their access to craft products they desire and 81% are satisfied with their variety of choices.

General beer brand consumers expressed similar opinions at 78% and 79%, respectively.

“The customer experience, meeting demand and enabling discovery, is always front-and-center for grocers,” said Ron Fong, President and CEO of the California Grocers Association. “It is gratifying to confirm that consumers, across the board, feel the beer distribution and retail network in California is thriving.”

The survey also reveals insightful information about California beer consumers such as the demographics of craft drinkers versus general beer brand consumers. And while Democrats and Republicans may not agree on much these days, they agree they are happy beer drinkers.

See the survey report here.