Santa Clarita reaches out to retailers on abandoned carts

Santa Clarita city officials noticed a marked increase in the presence of shopping carts on city streets in recent months and called a meeting with retailers last night to find reasonable solutions to the issue. The city staffers made it clear that their intent was to work with business and were not likely to shove another punitive cart ordinance down retailers throats.

It quickly became apparent that most of the retailers who took the time to attend were already doing their best to keep their carts off the streets with regular cart retrieval service, signs and offering for sale fold-able push carts to customers.
As in many communities, a few retailers apparently do not retrieve any of their carts from city streets, even after the City calls them to report a specific cart location. CGA advised the city to encourage those bad actors to their part without penalizing those grocers who are doing their best to keep carts off the streets.