San Francisco Cell Phone Notification Enforcement Delayed

old phonesThe San Francisco Department of Environment (DOE) is notifying retailers of delayed enforcement of the Cell Phone Right-to-Know Ordinance. This ordinance would require retailers to post Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) information when selling cell phones. Information on this delayed ordinance is available here.

The delay stems from legal issues identified with the information included in the notification requirements. CGA has confirmed with DOE staff the delay is indefinite. Supervisor Avalos has introduced a currently pending ordinance to change the notification information required. If the pending ordinance is passed, DOE will reinstitute enforcement based on the changes.

Caitlin Sanders with the DOE is the primary contact for questions regarding the delay. She can be reached at (415) 355-3757 or at [email protected]. Please contact CGA with any questions or additional information regarding the pending ordinance.