Red Cross/CGA Host Preparedness Workshop

Grocery retailers in the Los Angeles area learned first-hand their critical role during a natural or man-made disaster.

At a meeting on March 29, co-hosted by CGA and the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Red Cross and conducted in the ARC Emergency Operations Center in West Los Angeles, grocery representatives discussed how the two organizations can work closer together in preparing for a catastrophic disaster.

Retailers also learned how the ARC will feed the possible hundreds of thousands displaced in the aftermath of a major disaster, and discussed the role the grocery industry can play.

“Our members also had the opportunity to clarify the resources we as an industry have available and explore how to streamline purchasing procedures with relief organizations following a major disaster,” said Dave Heylen, CGA. “It was a tremendous first step but it’s only the beginning.”

Due to its success, CGA will host similar meetings in other strategic areas of the state.

“CGA’s goal is to help our industry understand the vital role it plays in the resiliency of a community following a disaster, and to be prepared to do so,” Heylen said.