Keep Self-Checkout Convenient

Urge Your Legislators to Oppose SB 1446

Grocery shoppers enjoy self-checkout for its convenience, yet SB 1446 by Sen. Smallwood-Cuevas proposes to make self-checkout anything but.

If passed, SB 1446 would:

-Limit the number of items purchased at self-checkout to 10 or fewer items

-Restrict the types of items customers can bring to self-checkout, including banning items are sometimes locked away due to retail theft like razors

-Require one employee per two self-checkout stands to monitor the area

While these changes would severely disrupt the grocery checkout experience, the bill doesn’t stop there. It would also significantly impact the future of technological innovation in California retail by requiring a worker and consumer assessment of any technology deployed in stores that could impact jobs.

Take Action

Let’s keep decisions about the grocery store checkout experience, technology upgrades, and employee operations in the hands of those who know their stores best: grocers, not politicians.

Urge your legislators to OPPOSE SB 1446!


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