Northgate Gonzalez Markets Honored as “Live Well San Diego” Partner

The Northgate González supermarket chain became the first business to be recognized by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors under the county’s “Live Well San Diego” program.

Victor Gonzalez accepted a proclamation Monday congratulating the business for helping make it easier for locals to find good, quality food in their neighborhood.


The company started with a store on Anaheim Boulevard and has grown to locations in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties.

There are eight stores in San Diego County including a new location in Barrio Logan. The store is active in the community and offers a nutritional program “Viva La Salud.”

The program offers a special information hotline and weekly messages on health and fitness as well as in-store events that range from cooking demos to mobile medical unit visits.

With Monday’s announcement, county supervisors awarded the company for promoting healthy lifestyles among employees and customers.

“We hope that this is going to spread around the county and get other businesses to realize they have a role in helping people to make healthy choices in the type food they’re going to eat, to not do things that are going to be adverse to their health and to basically have longer and healthier lives,” said Supervisor Greg Cox.

Chronic conditions like heart disease, stroke, Type II Diabetes and respiratory problems can be helped by exercise, better nutrition and less tobacco use Cox said.

Last year, Northgate González Markets received the first California Fresh Works Fund loan.

The fund finances grocery businesses that provide affordable, healthy foods that open stores in communities that do not have supermarkets.

Reprinted from (4/16/2013)