Supplier Benefits

Make Connections That Matter

For more than a century, the California Grocers Association has brought together the state’s grocers to form a community of retailers and their suppliers. Large or small, our Association works to help your business thrive by establishing a better connection to your customers.

The CGA is the best entry point into California’s grocer commmunity. They have the industry information you want and connections to the retailers you need.

David Higginbotham, Regional VP of Retail, Stater Bros. Markets

Join the Conversation

CGA serves as the waypoint for California’s grocery community. Our events assemble leaders from across the industry, creating a network through which our members can build business relationships and develop a better understanding of their customer’s challenges.

CGA opened doors and provided us the opportunity to network with all the CGA members who are our potential customers.

Donna Simpson, Executive Vice President, Certified Federal Credit Union

Information for Decision Makers

In a world where anyone can create and distribute content, it is not access to information, but having the right context that makes a difference. Through our curated bi-monthly magazine, weekly email newsletter and educational programs at events, CGA cuts through the clutter to deliver the information our members need to better understand the industry and lead their organizations.

Stand with Your Industry

The health of the industry reflects the health of your customers’ businesses. We work to protect the state’s grocery industry, which means your membership investment goes towards CGA’s comprehensive advocacy strategies deployed at the State Capitol and California’s city halls. Not only are you strengthening the grocery community, but positively positioning your company among your peer group.

Find the People Who Pull the Strings

CGA supplier members have the opportunity to secure a free listing in our annual Buyers’ Guide. This seminal guide to the industry offers information on 5,000+ of California’s retail supermarkets and includes key contacts for executives and buyers.

Interested in elevating your supplier membership? Upgrading to the Supplier Executive Council provides members with increased access to California retails through networking events like executive-led store tours and the Association’s December board meeting. Learn more.

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