Meeting Compliance & Food Safety Challenges During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

In California and across the country, compliance with the myriad of pandemic related measures required of grocery retailers and food processors can be daunting. The various food safety, sanitation and regulatory requirements that were already required of food facilities and processors are now overlaid with federal, state and local guidance and orders to meet the new challenges of the pandemic. Combining the existing foundation with new safety and compliance measures should serve to meet industry challenges for the “new normal” – both during the pandemic and beyond. This webinar presentation will:

  • Identify the relevant law, science, and guidance necessary to address COVID-19 risks within the grocery store and in food processing facilities, with a specific emphasis placed on fresh foods; 
  • Identify ways to implement a uniform program that fulfills the multiple obligations of COVID-19, CalOSHA, and food safety requirements; and 
  • Highlight similarities among the many jurisdictions to streamline implementation for the “new normal.”