Happy Bag Year!

The end of 2011 saw a flurry of bag ordinance hearings up and down the state, nearly 3 or 4 a week. In the last two months of 2011 over 30 jurisdictions had hearings and moved forward to regulate bags. Earlier in the year CGA had seen maybe 3 to 4 hearings a month. 2011 went out with a bang (or is it bag)!

With 2012 underway CGA is back in the trenches discussing ordinances with dozens of local jurisdictions. The prediction for this year is local governments will continue to pursue bag ordinances with the same vigor and momentum. It is entirely possible California will see 30 to 50 new jurisdictions regulating bags by the end of 2012.

Along with the New Year came the start of the San Jose bag ordinance, considered to be largest city to implement a ban. Early accounts seem to indicate consumers are responding well. The San Jose Mercury news has the details.

Stay tuned to The Grocery List and Checkout for regular updates on bag ordinances and other policy news. Happy Bag Year!