Grocers Provide Relief from Hunger

Learn more about how your neighborhood grocer serves your community

In addition to the tragic loss of life from COVID-19, the novel coronavirus has devastated the economy and disrupted our education system. School closures challenge lunch programs that serve vulnerable students while unemployment causes households to struggle to provide for loved ones.

As a result of the pandemic and its secondary effects, Feeding America estimates 1 in 6 Americans could face hunger.

California’s grocery community is committed to providing relief for the food insecure. During the pandemic the grocery industry has donated tens of millions of dollars in gift cards, meals, and fresh food to local food banks across California.

Here are a few examples of happening in your community and programs you can support:

These efforts are just a fraction of the work grocers do to support the communities they serve across the state. Visit your local grocer or follow them on social media to learn more.