Gather Safely in Palm Springs

Due to the Covid-19 Delta variant’s recent surge in California, CGA has reinforced its efforts to ensure conference attendees are safe and at ease as they go about their business in Palm Springs.

This week, the Association inked a partnership with InHouse Physicians, a company specializing in providing health security for businesses and events. With assistance from InHouse Physicians, the CGA Strategic Conference will deploy best-in-class safety measures that add to the numerous health and safety protocols already planned.

To enter conference spaces all attendees will need to complete a Daily Health Screening, including vaccine verification or proof of negative Covid-19 test. CGA staff and convention center employees will also be subject to these same rigorous standards.

Once on the show floor, attendees will wear color-coded lanyards that signal social contact comfort levels.

If you’ve participated in CGA Strategic Conference before, then you’ll surely recognize the numerous logistical tweaks our planning team has put in place. Receptions and networking opportunities will be held in larger spaces, and we’re building out bigger venues for the pre-scheduled business meetings and booths that optimize for social distancing with enhanced sanitization procedures.

Your health is the primary concern for the Association and Palm Springs Convention Center, and we are committed to hosting an informative, productive, and safe conference experience for all attendees. If you would like to further discuss conference safety measures, contact Beth Wright.