The State’s Response to COVID-19 Follows a Local Up Approach

March 27, 2020

The California League of Cities has created a map for tracking city COVID-19 emergency responses. While CGA is also tracking local government orders, this too from the League is a great additional way to stay up to date on the latest ordinances. Visit their website here.

March 18, 2020: Local Government Orders

Several local governments in California have made orders regarding gatherings, essential services and sheltering in-place. While these orders will impact grocery operations in some manner, every order and mandate to date has recognized that grocery stores are essential services and will remain open. Due to the critical role grocery stores serve in society full closures of stores is not expected.

There have been several significant orders in the City and County of Los Angeles and the counties compromising the San Francisco Bay Area. These orders include restrictions on in-store dining, social distancing within stores and removal of trucking curfews. CGA has posted currently available local orders on its webpage.