CGA Unveils Strategic Conference Theme

The 2021 CGA Strategic Conference returns to Palm Springs with a focus on Emerging Better Together

Last year, the CGA Strategic Conference left the desert for the desktop, hosting the conference remotely for the first time.

After 18 months of being largely apart, the Association is excited to announce we plan to return to Palm Springs this fall with a thematic focus of “Emerging Better Together.”

The CGA Strategic Conference takes place from September 26-28 at the Palm Springs Convention Center. It will feature the same retailer-supplier meetings attendees have come to expect, along with top-rated speakers focusing on reinvigorating your business in the aftermath of Covid-19.

Most importantly, the Strategic Conference offers the opportunity to reconnect as a grocery community, to shake a hand, plan your strategy, and share a moment with your peers.

Visit the 2021 CGA Strategic Conference Website to learn more.