CGA Hosts GR Day in LA

In early November CGA members convened at the historic Reyes Coca Cola bottling facility in Downtown Los Angeles for the Association’s In-person Government Relations Day. This year’s GR Day was an open forum for members to provide perspective and highlight challenges as we strategize together on top grocery issues and priorities for the year ahead.

At the top of the day, CGA’s state and local lobbying team contextualized the 2023 political playing field and set the stage for 2024. This year’s Legislature underwent massive turnover and there’s more to come with one fourth of the Legislature turning over at the end of 2024. Local government will also experience high turnover in the 2024 election, with councilmembers and supervisors facing election and re-election. This crop of new faces will give CGA the opportunity to tell the industry’s on grocery-specific issues.

With crime plaguing grocery stores every day, a retail theft discussion was at the top of the list for GR Day. Together, attendees drew from personal experience to chart next steps to address rampant theft and employee safety concerns. To gain a sense of who may be influencing these conversations in the near future, CGA was joined by 2024 candidates Dr. Angelo Farooq (SD 31), Laura Richardson (SD 35), and Efren Martinez (AD 57) to talk retail theft and public safety and to hear their policy priorities.

Our group also had the opportunity to discuss concerns over retail theft with Sen. Josh Newman (SD 29), Co-Chair of the Problem Solvers Caucus. Sen. Newman provided an overview of the caucus’ 2024 priorities including strengthening moderate forces within the Legislature through leadership and committee appointments and taking on retail theft. CGA is actively engaging with the caucus and looks forward to strengthening the relationship.

Next up, CalChamber Policy Advocate Ashley Hoffman joined us for a labor and employment update to review 2023 legislation and help us anticipate potential labor mandates on the horizon.

Attendees had the opportunity to weigh in on environmentally targeted legislation that would effect carryout bags and packaging. CEO of RMS Matthew Dodson provided an overview of the proposed recycling dealer cooperative model spearheaded by RMS for recycling compliance under SB 1013. The proposed cooperative model would engage retailers, recycling partners, and technology companies.

The Association is grateful to our attendees for their candor and engagement at this year’s GR Day. Your perspective and participation are invaluable as CGA works to create an ideal business environment for grocers in California.

Thank you to Reyes Coca-Cola for hosting us at your facility!