California Grocers Association Encourages Los Angeles County Shoppers To Use Reusable Bags


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Unincorporated Los Angeles County To Implement Plastic Bag Ban, Fee On Paper Bags on July 1.

SACRAMENTO, CA — (June 30, 2011) – On the eve of the implementation of the County of Los Angeles’ mandated plastic bag ban, California Grocers Association President Ronald Fong reminds shoppers to bring their reusable bags on their next shopping trip.

On July 1, most supermarkets and pharmacies in the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County and in the City of Calabasas will no longer provide plastic carryout bags at checkout. By January 2012, the ban will include more than 1,000 smaller stores. Customers may purchase paper carryout bags for 10-cents. Grocers will also be mandated to sell reusable bags.

“Our experience has been that many shoppers have the best intentions of using reusable bags but typically forget to bring them when shopping,” Fong said.

Customers are also encouraged to be patient as both consumers and retailers become accustomed to the new mandated ordinance. “The phrase ‘paper or plastic’ has been a part of our industry’s vocabulary for nearly 30 years,” Fong said. “This change will require patience on both sides of the checkstand.”

The bag ban, passed by Los Angeles County Supervisors last year, will impact anyone shopping in stores outside the county’s incorporated cities, including Altadena, Athens, Baldwin Hills, East Pasadena, East Los Angeles, Florence, Hacienda Heights, LaCrescenta, Marina del Rey, Rancho Dominguez, Rowland Heights, Topanga Canyon, Valencia and Willowbrook.

The Board of Supervisors voted to ban plastic bags last November after Legislators failed to pass Assembly Bill 1998, a statewide plastic bag ban and fee on paper bags, supported by CGA, environmentalists and top state officials including then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The county ordinance mirrors the statewide legislation.

Note: For additional information, or to schedule an interview with a CGA spokesperson, please contact Dave Heylen, CGA, at (916) 448-3545.

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