CA WIC Announces Process, Timing for Phase 1 Lift of Vendor Authorization Moratorium – Beginning 6/1

Late Friday afternoon (May 30), the CA WIC agency released Vendor Alert 2014-08 outlining the first phase of a lifting of the vendor authorization moratorium.


According to the alert, beginning Sunday, June 1, California will now accept and process applications for additions to current master agreements for locations under identical ownership structure.

The alert notes that vendors may apply through the WIC web site. If you feel your company meets the criteria outlined in Vendor Alert 2014-08, please review carefully all information on the WIC web site when it is available beginning June 1 and follow the instructions provided.

CGA will continue to monitor activity during this first phase and work to obtain additional information on future phases of the lift. If you experience difficulties with the process, contact Keri Askew Bailey, CGA at [email protected] and we will attempt to assist in resolving them.