An Open Letter to Our Nation’s Retailers and Food Distributors

Thank you! As much of our daily lives has changed in significant ways, you continue to serve in providing an essential function for all of us. What we once took for granted as normal routine, going to the grocery store, has fundamentally changed. You – retailers, your stores, and all team members throughout the food distribution system – are our heroes and we thank you!

Our California farmers, ranchers and farmworkers understand the challenge this crisis has delivered to our retailer partners: to manage adequate supply, maintain efficient distribution, and most of all provide a safe shopping environment for customers and employees. All of this has been accomplished with a level of care, service and dedication that makes us proud to be part of your supply chain.

We are thankful for the warehouse workers pulling double shifts, the truck drivers who are adding routes, the direct-to-customer services that are being offered, and the new outlets being created to provide food. We are grateful for retail employees in-store, delivery drivers, and those working at headquarters who have helped us adapt to a new way of life by providing a sense of order in these uncertain times.

California producers are here for you. Each harvest provides a brighter future, and together we will do what we’ve always done to provide healthy nutritious food ( and beautiful flowers) for your customers, our neighbors and communities across this state and nation.

We commend you for your ongoing efforts. Your work and service has been nothing less than world class.

With gratitude,

Karen Ross, Secretary
California Department of Food and Agriculture