State and LA County health inspectors to halt proactive enforcement of cheese “cut and wrap” permit requirement

Dept. of Food and Agriculture inspectorsCGA began hearing from several grocers last week that LA County Public Health and California Dept. of Food and Agriculture inspectors were citing grocers for failing to obtain a permit to cut-and-wrap cheese; a permit that had previously not existed and which was based on an obscure and never enforced section of the codes. CGA’s Sacramento government relations team met with CDFA on Friday and the agency affirmed that it would 1) advise Los Angeles County to cease proactive enforcement of the permit, pending a more detailed analysis of the law; 2) advise the County to notify grocers that they are allowed to continue their cheese cutting-and-wrapping store operations until further notice; 3) CDFA would postpone or cancel all appointments with grocers to explain compliance of the relevant statutes and; 4) meet with CGA in the near term to discuss the issue in greater detail.