Redistricting LA Style

In early June we posted about local redistricting and its pitfalls and opportunities. While many cities and counties have completed the process, Los Angeles County is still in the thick of it.

The current push by Supervisor Gloria Molina is to move the lines to create a second Latino-majority district.

Molina originally suggested drastic changes to Supervisor Don Knabe’s district to increase its Latino population. This could present a problem for Knabe as he seeks his second and final term on the Board.

Molina’s second plan drastically alters Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky’s district since he is termed out and no longer able to seek election to the Board. Yarosalvsky’s response – “a baldfaced gerrymander that is completely unnecessary.”

Leaving the issue of increased Latino representation aside, this maneuvering raises an interesting question. When drawing districts recognizing communities of interest is a requirement. But, is designing a district to elect a specific type of candidate appropriate?

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