Sunnyvale Environmentally Acceptable Food Containers

Expanded polystyrene container ban in restaurants (effective Earth Day 2014) and ban on eps food packaging products for retail sale (effective Earth Day 2015).

Details of regulation: Food providers shall not dispense prepared food to a customer in a polystyrene foam food container. Polystyrene foam food containers and polystyrene foam food service ware shall not be sold or provided by any vendor in the City of Sunnyvale. Exemptions include raw meat trays and undue hardships.


  1. An Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Sunnyvale Adding Chapter 5.39 (Environmentally Acceptable Food Containers and Service Ware) of Title 5 (Business Licenses and Regulations) of the Sunnyvale Municipal Code Related to Polystyrene Food Containers and Service Ware.

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