South Lake Tahoe Food Packaging Regulation

Ban of EPS take-out food packaging, retail sale within the city, and requires that plastic straws and cutlery be distributed only upon request.

Details of regulation: No food provider shall sell or provide prepared food in EPS disposable foodservice ware nor sell or otherwise provide EPS foodservice ware of expanded polystyrene products. No person shall use eps foodservice ware or eps products at a city facility or special event regulated by South Lake Tahoe’s approved special event guidelines. No food provider shall sell or otherwise provide plastic cutlery, plastic beverage straws, or plastic stirrers except upon request. Exemptions provided to food prepared or packaged outside of the city, raw meat trays, products made from eps which are wholly encapsulated by a more durable material. There is also an undue hardship exemption.

Municipal Code:

  1. An Ordinance of the City Council of the City of South Lake Tahoe Adding Chapter 4.175 Polystyrene and Plastic Food Packaging Regulations to the South Lake Tahoe City Code

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