Pacifica Food Packaging

“Food Service Ware” means food contact products used for serving, distributing, holding, packaging, and/or transporting Prepared Food including, but not limited to plates, cups, bowls, trays, clamshell containers, boxes, utensils, straws, lids, and food contact paper (e.g., wraps, bags, tray liners, etc.). The term “Food Service Ware” includes Food Service Ware Accessories.

“Food Service Ware Accessories” include different types of Food Service Ware such as straws, stirrers, Utensils, condiment cups and packets, cocktail sticks/picks, toothpicks, napkins, cup spill plugs, cup sleeves, and other similar accessory or accompanying Food Service Ware used as part of food or beverage service or packaging. Detachable lids for beverage cups and food containers are not considered a Food Service Ware Accessory.

No Food Facility shall use Polystyrene- based Disposable Food Service Ware when providing Prepared Food.

Allows for Food Facilities that have On-Premises Dining shall only serve Prepared Food for consumption On-Premises with Reusable Food Service Ware or the following non-Reusable Food Service Ware Accessories: Disposable straws,

Ordinance here. Effective date 10/1/22.