Los Gatos Food Packaging

“Food service ware” means any products used forserving or packaging prepared food and includes, but is not limited to, cups, bowls, plates, trays, cartons, boxes, wrappers or liners, hinged or lidded containers (clamshells) and other items usedas part of food or beverage service, or in which prepared food is placed or packaged on afood provider’s premises. Food service ware does not include a food service wareaccessory.

“Food service ware accessory” means any otheritem used as part of a prepared food or beverage service that accompanies food service ware such as straws, stirrers, napkins, utensils, condiment packets, cup sleeves, tops, lids, splash sticks and other similar accessory or accompanying items.

Prohibits the following nonreusable food service ware accessories if made from or packaged in plastic, including biologically based polymers or compostable plastic: straws, stirrers, food picks, or toothpicks. Exceptions for plastic straws may be provided upon request to consumers for medical reasons, and health-care facilities may distribute plastic straws to patients who require them with or without a request.

Food providers may only use nonreusable food service ware (cups, bowls, plates, trays, cartons, boxes, wrappers or liners, and hinged containers, etc.) that is compostable (natural fiber-based) and third-party certified free of PFAS, with the exception of food service ware made entirely of aluminum, which is recyclable.

The full ordinance can be reviewed here. The effective date is 5/19/22.