Culver City Polystyrene Regulation

Ban on distribution or sale of expanded polystyrene food containers, and includes a provision which requires food providers to ask customers before providing disposable utensils. Effective November 8, 2017. 

Details of regulation: No food provider shall use, distribute or sell any polystyrene food service ware; no City business shall sell food service ware which contains or utilizes single-use foam polystyrene; no City business shall sell polystyrene coolers; no City business shall sell or distribute polystyrene food service ware at city sponsored events, privately produced events that are open to the public to attend; the City, its departments, and City contractors, agents and employees, acting in their official capacity, or on behalf of the city, shall not purchase or acquire polystyrene service ware or distribute it within the City.


  1. No. 2017-008 – An Ordinance of the City of Culver City, California Adding Chapter 11.18, Polystyrene Regulations, to Title 11, Business Regulations, of the Culver City Municipal Code.

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