Avalon Polystyrene Products For Prepared Food Service Ware

Ban on the distribution of expanded polystyrene food containers for prepared foods. Effective July 20th, 2017.

Details of regulation: Food providers that distribute prepared food in disposable food service ware shall only distribute disposables that exhibit a recycle code other than No. 6 or polystyrene. No person shall use or distribute polystyrene food service ware at city-sponsored events, city-managed concessions and city meetings open to the public. The city, its departments, and its city contractors, agents and employees acting in their official capacity, shall not purchase or acquire polystyrene food services ware, or distribute for public use. Exemptions include food packaged outside the city, food provided by the Long Beach Unified School District, coolers and ice chests made of polystyrene, food brought by individuals to city facilities for personal consumption. The City Manager may also approve exemptions for undue hardship.

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