New Building, New Brand

What’s new for the California Grocers Association in 2019? A lot.

CGA has updated its brand, redesigned its website and e-newsletter and in the Spring will move to its new headquarters.

“With the purchase of our new headquarters in downtown Sacramento, we thought it was time to update the Association brand and several of its communication tools,” said Ron Fong, CGA President and CEO.

CGA’s logo has been simplified to highlight its three key missions — government advocacy, communications and industry relations, and its familiar acronym — CGA, with the letter G (Grocers) rising slightly above the other letters.

“We wanted the logo to remain true to representing the Association’s mission to serve, represent and educate its members and to advocate on their behalf,” said Fong. “We also believed it was time to simplify our look to better emphasize our strengths.”

The new logo, with its updated color palette, will be splashed across the Association’s entire suite of print, digital and marketing programs.

Under the direction of Nate Rose, Digital Communications Director, the Association’s redesigned website and newsletter will focus on a streamlined, easy-to-navigate look. The Association’s weekly email newsletter, Checkout, also reflects this same focus on simplicity and ease-of-use, along with content customization.

The Association will occupy its new office at 1005 12th Street, Suite 200, in early March and officially open by May. CGA purchased the 20,544 square foot three-level historic building in 2015.

“Purchasing our own building was a sound investment for the Association,” Fong said. “We wanted to celebrate this important milestone with branding that was equally bold.”