Retailer Benefits

Establish a Deeper Connection to Your Industry

There are countless material benefits to being a CGA member, but none more important than being a part of a unified grocery community. Together, we are able to have an outsized impact on the industry at-large and the communities we serve. We hope you agree that deepening your connection to California’s grocery community is a worthy endeavor for your business and professional career.

Allowing you to focus on what you do best

Running a business is complicated enough without worrying about the latest piece of legislation introduced in Sacramento or how to keep up with a fast-changing industry. Whether you are an independent grocer or retail chain, let us take a load off you.

Your Voice in Government

Our team of in-house lobbyists and public affairs strategists work to foster a political landscape in which California’s grocery community can thrive. From city halls to the State Capitol, our team tracks thousands of bills, regulations and ordinances each year while mitigating harmful legislation and nurturing policies to the industry’s benefit.

…This great service and advocacy organization works year-round to not only solve industry-related problems, but also resolve potentially harmful issues long before they have the chance to see the light of day.

Kevin Davis, CEO, Bristol Farms

Information for Decision Makers

In a world where anyone can create and distribute content, it is not access to information, but having the right context that makes a difference. Through our curated bi-monthly magazine, weekly email newsletter and educational programs at events, CGA cuts through the clutter to deliver the information our members need to lead their organizations.

Connect With Your Peers

For more than a century CGA has served as the waypoint for California’s grocery community. Our events assemble the sharpest minds from the industry, creating a network through which our members can build their careers and improve their businesses.

…Few places can get you in touch with your fellow retailers, manufacturers and distributors all under one roof. All the barriers are down and information flows easy and genuinely among all that participate. I’ve never experienced networking at this level in my 25-year career as a retailer.

Bob Parriott, President/CEO, Twain Harte Market

Empowering Your Team

In an era when strong employee retention and development can truly impact your bottom line, consider the CGA Educational Foundation your secret weapon for building a successful and sustainable company culture.

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