Member Insurance Plans

CGA offers “member-only” employers dental and vision insurance products at competitive rates, including a premier PPO and HMO plan through Delta Dental, the largest dental provider in the nation. The vision plan is administered through Vision Service Plan (VSP). For more information on these plans, call CGA at (916) 448-3545.

Delta Dental (PPO or HMO)

The California Grocers Association offers a premier PPO dental plan with Delta Dental exclusively for its members (grocers, suppliers, wholesalers) throughout California.

You may use any dentist you wish, but it is to your advantage to select a dentist who is a Delta Preferred Provider Option (PPO).

CGA’s Delta Dental PPO allows you to:

  • Change dentists at any time without pre-approval.
  • Go to a Delta specialists of your choice without pre-approval.
  • Have each member of your family go to a different dentist.
  • Receive dental care world wide.
  • Deductible of $75/per year AND the deductible is exempt for Diagnostic and Preventive Care Benefits.
  • 100% of fee is paid for diagnostic and preventive benefits if seeking services from a PPO provider. (See evidence of coverage booklet).
  • Basic Benefits* are paid at 90% of the participating PPO dentists fee.
  • Crowns, jackets and cast restoration benefits are paid at 60% of a participating PPO dentist fee.
  • Learn more about Delta Dental PPO
  • Learn more about Delta Dental’s website that offers one-stop shopping for plans and oral health care information

CGA Delta Dental PPO Rates (subject to change 8/1/2019)*:

  • Employee Only……………………………….$50.43
  • Employee + 1 Dependent…………………..$83.98
  • Employee + 2 or more Dependents………$128.18

HMO Plan – DeltaCare (Delta Dental)

CGA also offers its members a second, more affordable choice of dental plan, called DeltaCare by PMI for your employees. DeltaCare is Delta Dental of California’s HMO plan and is offered by Delta HMO affiliate, PMI Dental Health Plan.

DeltaCare advantages include: No deductibles; low or no co-payments for covered services; no claim forms; nearly 300 covered procedures; Orthodontic coverage for children and adults; and much more. Under this dental HMO plan, enrollees must:

  • Choose a dentist from the DeltaCare network at the time of enrollment
  • Use the selected dentist for all your dental needs, including referrals to specialists

CGA DeltaCare USA (HMO) Plan Rates (subject to change 8/1/2019)*:

  • Employee……………………………………$20.79
  • Employee + 1 Dependent……………….$35.35
  • Employee + 2 or more Dependents…..$50.70

Learn more about DeltaCare USA.

*Note: $1.50 added onto both the HMO and PPO rates for third party billing.



Vision Service Plan (VSP)

NOTE: For CGA members (and their employees) only. 

No ID Cards – No Claim forms

  • Find a VSP doctor online or call 800 number.
  • Make an appointment and tell the doctor oyouare a VSP member.
  • Your doctor and VSP will handle the rest.


  • Eye Exam every 12 months.
  • Single vision, lined bifocal and lined trifocal lenses every 12 months.
  • Frames up to $160 plus 20% off out of pocket every 24 months.
  • Contacts with $160 allowance for fitting and evaluation exam every 12 months.
  • $15 copay per person.
  • Out of network reimbursement.
  • Member and unlimited dependents rate: $13.55 (subject to change 5/1/2020)