Independent Operators Symposium 2023 Photos

Independent Operators Explore Leadership and Community at Symposium 

For an opportunity to restore creative energy and build momentum for the year ahead, our independent grocery community joined us on Maui for the 2023 Independent Operators Symposium. This year, grocers zeroed in on burnout, leadership, and community for a renewed approach to business in 2023. Grocers returned from this year’s event refocused with a fresh perspective to bring home to their teams. 

In addition to networking, collaborating, and taking time to recharge, our independent operators participated in invigorating educational sessions led by Hamza Khan on “Beyond Burnout: Why Self-Care is Not the Only Solution in the Reimagined Workplace,” Heather R. Younger on “The Art of Caring Leadership,” and Mark Brand on “Building Better Communities” to get guests thinking outside the box about new ways to approach leadership and support their communities.

Thank you to our independent operators for kicking off the year with us at Symposium! Check out photos from the event below.