Grocers Prepare for Busy, Safe Holiday Season

ICYMI: CGA’s Ron Fong Provides Update on Grocery Industry

In a typical year Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times for California’s grocery community. Combine the holidays with rising COVID-19 cases and there is increased anxiety about the state of grocery store shelves.

Despite these fears, the industry is in much better shape than in March and April of 2020. While there may be some items occasionally out of stock, manufacturers have added factory lines and grocery stores have expanded their private-label products, just to name a few of the many strategies being utilized to ensure store shelves remain stocked.

CGA CEO and President Ron Fong caught up with the Bay Area’s ABC News 7 to share why there is no need to overbuy when visiting your favorite grocer.

ABC7 News talked with the head of the California’s Grocers Association, who says there’s no need to buy as much as you can, because the items will continue to be restocked.

“So if you’re out one day it doesn’t mean it’s going to be that way forever, you just have to wait until the next load comes in which is typically the next day,” says Fong.

Fong says it comes down to the fear that is out there, “People are starting to worry a little bit and overbuying is a result of people worrying. That’s simply all it is.”

Fong went on to say that even though many counties are now in the purple tier, that is not going to affect grocery store hours going into the holidays.