CGA Adopts New Mission Statement

The California Grocers Association Board of Directors approved a new CGA mission statement at its April 18, 2012.

The statement reads: “The California Grocers Association serves, represents and educates its grocery industry members and advocates on their behalf at the state and local levels.”

The new mission statement was crafted during a one-day workshop in January, facilitated by Marilyn Snider, Snider and Associates.
“We asked about 20 of our members to participate in this exercise,” said CGA President Ron Fong. “Considerable thought and discussion went into developing our new mission statement. The group is to be commended for their time and effort.”

The purpose of developing the statement, according to Fong, was to clarify CGA’s purpose and define its model. The committee examined the Association’s strengths and weaknesses in an effort to define CGA’s purpose.

“We kept the statement concise by design,” Fong said. “It gets to the heart and provides the guidance and direction the board and staff needs to move the Association forward.