California Grocers Association

It’s nice to meet you.

The California Grocers Association is hard at work helping grocers thrive.

Yet, many in the industry still don’t realize all the things we do.

California’s marketplace and political environment literally shape the way the world eats. As your proactive partner, we advocate across all levels of the political landscape, working alongside our members to maintain a healthy relationship between consumers, grocers, and California’s elected officials.

But our work doesn’t stop at City Hall or in Sacramento. One of the association’s best kept secrets is our CGA Educational Foundation. 

Like your stores, we believe in building a skilled workforce that sustains the industry and our communities. To that end, CGA’s foundation directs hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and tuition assistance each year to our member-company employees and their families.

We’re also great at connecting you to the industry you’ve dedicated your career to. Our events build real friendships and lifelong bonds. You’re in this for the long haul, and so are we.

Our events also serve to educate. And when combined with the information we provide on big-picture trends and California politics, you’ll feel able to rest easy and focus on your business without fear you’ll be missing out on something important.

Now you know a little bit more about us. And if you believe in the work of grocers as much as we do, then don’t wait around on the sidelines. Join the conversation and help shape your industry for the better.

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