California Grocers Association Announces Leadership Restructuring

Association to be led by Executive Leadership Team and Senior Development Team

The California Grocers Association announces a restructure and additions to its management team.  At the start of the new year, the California Grocers Association’s senior management team initiated a process to expand its leadership and develop new potential from within the organization.

In place of the Senior Management Team, which was comprised of CEO and President Ron Fong, in addition to vice president-level staff, the Association will now be led jointly by the Executive Leadership Team and Senior Development Team. 

The Executive Leadership Team includes CGA CEO Ron Fong; Sr. Vice President, Membership, Sales and Marketing, Doug Scholz; and VP, Government Relations, Kelly Ash. As a group, the Executive Leadership Team will focus on furthering the Association’s strategic aims.

The Senior Development Team includes Sr. Director, Events and Sponsorship, Beth Wright; Sr. Director, Communications, Nate Rose; and Director, Administration and Human Resources, Jennifer Gold. All three Senior Development Team members are new to CGA’s leadership structure. Together, and in coordination with the Executive Leadership Team, they will focus on the Association’s internal operations.

“I’m excited to add this new generation of leaders to the management of our association” said CGA CEO Ron Fong. “It’s vital for the future of the Association to continue to grow our internal talent. The three members of the Senior Development Team are association veterans and demonstrate the ability to lead our association’s operations and staff.  Additionally, by separating the strategic leadership from the operational side, the Executive Leadership Team will be better able to work on some of the longer-term initiatives the CGA Board hopes to accomplish in the near future.”