California Grocer: Issue 4 Highlights

The Forecast: What Does 2023 Look Like?

In the latest issue of California Grocer magazine we take what we’ve learned from the past year to forecast all that’s to come in 2023. Read Issue 4 online here.

First, we introduce you to the new CGA Board Chair, Dennis Darling, owner of Foods, Etc. Following an influx of new members at the capitol, insider Louie Brown from Kahn, Soares & Conway, LLP introduces us to new faces in the Legislature. California campaign strategist Jessica Mause breaks down results from the midterm election and what they mean for California in the new year. President of the National Grocers Association Greg Ferrara tells independent grocers can expect from the new congress. Immediate Past Chair Renee Amen pens her final column, reflecting on her year as Chair. From Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s Agribusiness Department, Dr. Ricky Volpe helps us understand inflation’s effects on food prices and where they’re headed next.

Must-read sections from Issue 4:

  • Understanding Food Prices and Where They’re Headed (Pg. 16)
    Dr. Ricky Volpe, Ph.D.
  • Dennis Darling to Serve as 2023 CGA Board Chair (Pg. 24)
    Jessica Love
  • California’s Midterm Election: A Recap and What’s Next (Pg. 28)
    Jessica Mause
  • Mommy Blogger: Shopper Beware (Pg. 52)
    Kimberly Rae Miller