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The 5 Rules

Leaders want results, but only 5% have plans in place to develop their teams.

It doesn’t take a complex plan to create transformation – it just needs The 5 Rules. Based on over 45 years of leading thousands of employees, Steve Black has distilled essential principles that produce results into this one book.

Unlock the potential within yourself or in others by introducing these five rules into all aspects of life – you won’t regret it! For families looking to strengthen generational bonds or individuals searching for personal growth, these five rules can revolutionize any life they’re applied to.

  • Do Your Job: A simple rule but there’s more to it than you think.
  • Be Kind: Kindness is important to your success as a leader and the success of your team.
  • No Surprises: The importance of communicating.
  • No Drama: How exaggerated facts or feelings can do harm within your team.
  • Protect the Brand: In everything you do, you represent the brand.

Steve Black

Author, Coach, Leader & CEO

With 45 years of expertise in the retail grocery arena, Steve Black has had a remarkable career.

He’s been an integral part of companies that are true innovators and trailblazers, such as Rouses Markets, Lucky’s Farmers Markets, Sprouts Farmers Markets, and Sunflower Farmers Markets, to name a few.

His leadership-focused mindset and hands-on experience have enabled him to contribute valuable insights at every turn-impacting businesses through coaching & training teams dedicated towards personal growth on both individual & organizational levels.

Steve Black and his wife, Melanie, along with their daughter, Taylor, live in Colorado and enjoy spending time outdoors on their four-wheelers, trout fishing, photography, and traveling to see their two sons, daughters-in-law, and six grandchildren.

The Game-Winning 3 – Making It Count … In Business and In Life

Success can be defined in its simplest form as making life better for someone else. Whether it comes in creating a better product, helping to relieve someone’s stress or pain, bringing someone laughter or joy or helping someone get more out of their life, success is always about serving.

This being the case, the key to success in any business lies not only in the development of great products and services, but more importantly in the development of great people. In this insightful presentation, Dave Davlin shares three essential ingredients for developing a purpose-driven mentality to achieve a fulfilling career and balanced life.

Three Learning Outcomes:

  • Developing vision and defining one’s sense of purpose
  • Recognizing and embracing the importance of creating positive and memorable experiences with fellow workers and family members
  • Understanding and embracing the value of service in the pursuit of success

Dave Davlin

Over 25 years ago, Dave Davlin began bringing smiles to faces with a form of entertainment he developed as a young boy. From NBA and major college arenas across America to the Summer Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea— and even to the world-famous Branson Strip— “Travelin” Davlin has entertained people of every age and background. His amazing ability with basketballs even landed his name and picture in the 1990 Guinness Book of World Records.

Dave began to hone his speaking skills in the early 90’s as a national speaker in the public schools across America. Combining his entertainment ability with a powerful message, he was instrumental in the fight for education and against drugs. From public school students to CEOs, Dave’s message has made a difference in the lives of thousands, and his impact continues to grow each year as he shares his philosophy and wisdom through speaking and writing.