Workplace Harassment Prevention Training

Provided by the CGA Educational Foundation

The California Grocers Association Educational Foundation is proud to launch the first-of-its-kind workplace harassment prevention training that is customized for the grocery industry. It’s a convenient, easy-to-use and affordable way to fulfill your training requirements and prepare your supervisors to address real-world harassment issues.

Harassment in the workplace is a major source of litigation in California and can damage your employee’s morale and your company’s effectiveness. That’s why it’s important to purchase harassment prevention training which is current, relates specifically to situations that present themselves in a grocery environment and meets California’s compliance requirements.

required by law

Beginning January 1, 2020, all California companies with 5 or more employees are required to provide two hours of workplace harassment prevention training for all supervisors within six months of hire or promotion, and every two years thereafter. Part-time and temporary employees (including those hired through staffing agencies) as well as independent contractors are included in the minimum employee count of 5.

Customized to grocery industry

As an employer, you want to make sure any training solution you select is fully compliant with California state regulations, helps protect your company from unnecessary litigation, is relevant to your business and effectively trains employees to spot harassment in the workplace and deal with situations as they arise.

The CGA Educational Foundation’s online supervisor course for individual learning meets all state training requirements, making it easy to educate employees and fulfill your compliance obligations. What’s more, this on-line training tool has been uniquely customized with real-life situations that present themselves in the grocery business.

Using practical examples and scenarios that are tailored to the grocery industry, this training is more effective at addressing requirement and protect your business from liability.

  • Understand why workplace harassment training is important and essential to the health of a company.
  • Understand the rights and protections available to both complainants and employers.
  • Understand the supervisor’s role in the workplace harassment complaint process.
  • Identify strategies to prevent workplace harassment.

CGA Members receive considerable savings

CGA Educational Foundation has teamed up with a leading online learning provider to create this affordable grocery-focused training program. CGA members can take advantage of deeply discounted rates of up to 75% off the price of your current solution. Specific pricing is determined by the number of units purchased.


This turnkey, on-demand training will monitor course progress, issue certificates upon completion and provide the reporting needed to document your company’s compliance.  All you need is an internet connection!

Getting started is just a click away!

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If you have questions regarding the CGAEF Workplace Harassment Prevention Training program, email Shiloh London, Executive Director, CGAEF, or call (916) 448-3545.