CCPA Webinar

What grocers need to know? Peter Stockburger from the law firm Dentons LLP to take us through a deep dive of California’s Consumer Privacy Act.

February 25, 2020

New Laws 2020

Get ready for 2020. During this important webinar, you will learn more about new laws that will impact your business in California, including:

  • AB 5: Worker Status: Employees & Independent Contractors
  • AB 9: Employment Discrimination: Statute of Limitations Extension of Complaint Filing
  • AB 51: Employment Discrimination: Elimination of Mandatory Arbitration Agreements
  • SB 188: Employment Discrimination: Adds hairstyles to protected classes
  • AB 673: Failure to Pay Wages: PAGA
  • AB 1554: Employers: Notice of Deadlines with Flexible Spending Accounts

Attorneys from the firm Kahn, Soares & Conway, LLP outline the requirements of these new laws and will be available to answer questions.

December 11, 2019

California Mandatory Organics Recycling Program

Presenter: Angela Levin, Partner, Troutman Sanders, LLP

March 20, 2019

New Laws for 2019

During this important webinar, you will learn about new laws that will significantly impact grocery companies in California and begin to determine whether your company must comply.

  • SB 1300 – Restricts Employer Releases and Nondisparagement Agreements and Codifies Standards in Harassment Suits
  • SB 820 – Restrictions on ‘Secret Settlement’ Nondisclosure Agreements
  • SB 1343 – Expanded Harassment Training Requirements
  • AB 1976 – Expands Lactation Accommodation Obligations
  • AB 2282 – Clarifies Salary History Legislation
  • Minimum Wage Update

Presenter: Louie A. Brown, Jr. , Attorney at Law Kahn, Soares & Conway, LLP

December 6, 2018

Prop 65 Final Q&A

The webinar highlights how CGA members can manage their Prop. 65 risk under the new regulations.

Presenter: Leila Bruderer, Downey Brand

August 28, 2018

Update | Prop 65

The webinar will provide an opportunity for participants to ask any final questions about how to implement the new Proposition 65 warning regulations that go into effect on August 30 of this year. In addition, we will discuss some ways CGA members can manage their Proposition 65 risk under the new regulations.

Presenter: Leila Bruderer, Attorney, Downey Brand LLC

August 2, 2018

Dealing with Unwanted Solicitors

The webinar will provide a discussion of the law regarding when a retailer can exclude non-union solicitors (everyone from signature gatherers to Girl Scouts) from their premises. It also covers the civil and criminal remedies available to retailers when solicitors will not leave voluntarily, and how to exclude solicitors, particularly if the local law enforcement agency is reluctant to remove and/or arrest them.

Presenter: John McCarron, Attorney, Downey Brand LLC

March 1, 2018