Watsonville Environmentally Acceptable Packaging

Expanded polystyrene ban, requirement that all takeout food packaging be recyclable or compostable. Title 6, Chapter 6 of Municipal Code. First adopted in 2009. Amended in 2014 to include a ban on retail sales of eps products.

Details of regulation: Food providers within the City of Watsonville may not provide prepared food in or on any product that contains plastic foam. Products that contain plastic foam are prohibited from use in all City of Watsonville facilities. City of Watsonville contractors in the performance of City contracts and special events promoters and vendors may not provide prepared food in products that contain plastic foam.


  1. An Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Watsonville Repealing Chapter 6 (Requiring the Use of Recyclable, Biodegradable or Compostable Take-Out Service Ware at Retail Food Establishments) in its Entirety and Adding a New Chapter 6 (Environmentally Acceptable Packaging and Products) of Title 6 (Sanitation and Health) of the Watsonville Municipal Code to Expand the Prohibition to Include, in Addition to Take-Out Food Service Ware, the Retail Sale of Plastic Foam Cups, Plates, Bowls, as well as Coolers, Pool or Beach Toys, Packing Peanuts or Other Plastic Foam Products, Except as Exempted.

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