South Pasadena Polystyrene Food Service Ware

In November 2016, City Council banned all disposable food service ware made from Expanded Polystyrene for all food providers, retail sales and city facilities.  Effective November 16, 2017.

Details of regulation: No restaurant, retail vendor, food packager, retail food vendor, or nonprofit food provider shall provide prepared food to its customers in disposable food service ware made of expanded polystyrene; or purchase, obtain, keep, distribute, sell for home or personal use, or give serve, or otherwise provide to customers any disposable food service ware made of expanded polystyrene. No person shall use or distribute disposable food service ware made of EPS at city-sponsored events, city-managed concessions or city meetings. This applies to the city, its departments, and its city contractors, agents, and employees acting in official capacity. Exemptions include food items packaged outside the city, undue hardship, EPS coolers and ice chests, and emergency situations. 


  1. An Ordinance of the City Council of the City of South Pasadena, California, Adding a New Article IV (Expanded Polystyrene Disposable Food Service Ware Ban) to Chapter 16 (Garbage and Waste) of the South Pasadena Municipal Code.

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