Sausalito Environmentally Acceptable Food Packaging

Food vendors and city facilities and events are prohibited from using expanded polystyrene foam food containers.

Details of regulation: No retail food establishment of nonprofit food provider shall provide prepared food to its customers in any food packaging that utilized polystyrene foam. The City of Sausalito, all City facilities, all City sponsored and co-sponsored events, and City contractors are prohibited from selling or providing prepared food in or on polystyrene foam food packaging. Exemptions include food packaged outside the boundaries of the City, undue hardship, coolers and ice chests made of polystyrene foam, and food packaging items containing polystyrene foam that are required by law.


  1. No. 1188 – An Ordinance of the City of Sausalito Amending Chapter 11.20 of the Sausalito Municipal Code Regarding Environmentally Acceptable Packaging Material.

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