Santa Barbara

Ban on expanded polystyrene food service ware and requires all disposable food service ware to be recyclable or compostable. Includes a prohibition on the sale of expanded polystyrene products in the city. Effective January 1, 2019.

Details of regulation: It shall be unlawful for any food provider within the City to provide prepared food in or provide separately any disposable food container made from expanded polystyrene. All food providers within the City utilizing disposable food containers shall use biodegradable, compostable or recyclable products. Disposable food containers made from expanded polystyrene are prohibited from use in all City facilities. City contractors in the performance of city contracts and events promoters may not provide prepared food in disposable food containers made from expanded polystyrene. It shall be unlawful for any vendor or events promoter in the City to sell or otherwise provide any expanded polystyrene product which is not wholly encapsulated

or encased within a more durable material. Exemptions provided food prepared or packaged outside the city, raw food trays, undue hardship.


  1. An Ordinance of the Council of the City of Santa Barbara Amending Title 9 To Add Chapter 9.160 to Regulate Expanded Polystyrene Food Containers and Products

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