Richmond Prohibited Retail Sales

Details of regulation: No retail establishment in the City of Richmond may sell, rent or otherwise provide any product which is composed entirely or primarily of polystyrene foam. This specifically includes but is not limited to cups, plates, bowls, clamshells and other products intended primarily for single-use food service, as well as coolers, packing peanuts, or other packaging materials. Exemptions include prepared foods prepared of packaged outside the City of Richmond, food ware composed entirely of aluminum, and emergency situations.

Municipal Code:

  1. Article IX – Health and Safety. Chapter 9.17 – Food Ware Ordinance. Section 9.17.025 – Prohibited retail sales (Ord. No. 12-13 N.S.).

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Details of updated regulations: No retail establishment, food provider, or transient lodging establishment shall use, provide, distribute, or sell plastic beverage straws or plastic stirrers. Non-plastic alternative straws and stirrers shall only be provided upon request by the customer.

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