Pittsburg Recyclable Waste Materials

Details of regulation: No retail establishment shall purchase, obtain, keep, sell, distribute or otherwise use in its business any polystyrene CFC-processed take-out food packaging. Retail food establishments shall maintain written records evidencing its compliance. Exemptions include undue hardship.

Municipal Code: Chapter 8.06 – Collection of Recyclable Waste Materials. Article IV. Food Packaging Recycling. Section 8.06.210 – Prohibited food packaging (Ord. 1019

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Details of updated regulations: The new ordinance completely replaces the previous ordinance regulating polystyrene products. All food providers using any disposable food ware for providing prepared food to customers will use compostable or recyclable disposable food ware which is accepted by the local franchise hauler. No food provider shall distribute or sell any polystyrene food service ware in conjunction with the sale or distribution of prepared food at any location within the City. Food providers that distribute prepared food in disposable food service ware shall distribute only disposables that exhibit a recycle code other than No. 6 or PS or which are reusable or compostable.


  1. Ordinance Adding Polystyrene Products Regulation to the Pittsburg Municipal Code.

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