City of San Diego Food Packaging

Food service ware means containers, bowls, plates, trays, cups, lids, and other similar items that are designed for one-time use for prepared food, including containers for takeout food or leftovers. Food service ware does not include polystyrene foam coolers and ice chests.

Food tray means a tray commonly used for packaging food sold to retail consumers.

Polystyrene foam means blown polystyrene and expanded and extruded foams, also known by the trademarked name Styrofoam, which are thermoplastic petrochemical materials utilizing a styrene monomer and processed by any number of techniques including, without limitation, fusion of polymer spheres (expandable bead polystyrene), injection molding, foam molding, and extrusionblown molding (extruded foam polystyrene).

Prohibits the sale and distribution of food service ware, food trays, and egg cartons made in whole or in part from polystyrene foam. This includes bowls, plates, trays, cups, lids and other similar items designed for one-time use for prepared foods, including containers for dine-in, takeout food and leftovers; The distribution of the following if made in whole or part from polystyrene foam unless wholly encapsulated within another material: Coolers, ice chests, or similar containers; Pool or beach toys; Dock floats, mooring buoys, or anchor or navigation markers.

Allows upon request: utensils made from plastic or bio-plastic for take-out; straws made from plastic or bio-plastic

Ordinance here. Effective 3/6/2023.