Belmont Polystyrene Disposable Food Service Ware By Food Vendors

Expanded polystyrene ban (San Mateo County ordinance), adopted by reference and effective October 2012.

Details of regulation: Prohibits food vendors from using polystyrene-based disposable food service ware when providing prepared food. Exemptions include prepackaged food, polystyrene coolers and ice chests intended for reuse, and food vendors at the San Francisco International Airport.


  1. 1065 – An Ordinance of the City of Belmont, California, Amending the Belmont City Code by Adding Chapter 31 “Waste Reduction” and Adopting by Reference San Mateo County Ordinance Code Chapter 4.107 “Prohibition on the Use of Polystyrene Based Disposable Food Service Ware by Food Vendors.”

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